It’s important to have tangible media in an uncertain world; media that will remind us of what we’re doing and why if things like the Internet are no longer available.

Because of this, I’m offering my film The 7’s, my documentary Who Is God? (The Midnight Ride: Part 1), and my entire 10-video series covering The Revelation of Jesus Christ, on DVD.

Ordering is simple and secure, and in most cases your DVDs will arrive within a week.

If you’d like to order more than a quantity of 1 of any of these titles, get in touch with me at svalbardgold@gmail.com.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Complete Study

Around 8 Hours (5 Discs)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Complete Study is an 8-hour study covering and explaining, in vivid detail, every single word of The Book of Revelation.

If you thought you couldn’t understand Revelation, this study will teach you exactly how it relates to the times we’re currently living.

This is a must for anyone who is seeking the real Truth of This Age.

Watch a preview video: Warning To the End Times Church: The Revelation of Jesus Christ Chapters 1-3 (Full Study).


Who Is God? (The Midnight Ride: Part 1)

2:48:21 (2 Discs)

Who Is God? (The Midnight Ride: Part 1) is a unique documentary detailing one man’s journey across America on Amtrak trains, discovering who God is to people in 2022.

After 2 of the most challenging years the world as a whole has ever faced, what faith in God still remains in America? That’s the question this documentary faces head-on.

You’ll be surprised by the answers.

Watch the trailer.


The 7’s Film (With Bonus Disc)


The 7’s is the true story of a man desperately seeking to make sense out of love and the real meaning of life.

In this prophetic film, you’ll learn who God is and why we’re here. The movie unfolds through 7 chapters that build in intensity as the details of the end times unfold before your eyes.

You’ll be uncomfortable. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And at the end, you’ll know exactly what we are all facing in these end times.

The 7’s Film also comes with a bonus disc, containing the final 5 videos from my now-defunct Beast System Revealed channel, including my video announcing the Antichrist called The Beast Revealed (Only for the Brave).

Watch the trailer.


Get All DVD Sets For a Discounted Rate

If you enjoy my work and want to have all 3 of these DVD sets permanently in your hands, you can do so here and save $15 vs. buying each one individually.

You’ll receive a total of 9 DVDs with nearly 13 hours of total content.