Book Preview – The 7 Seals Unleashed on Earth: A Revelation of the End Times

March 2, 2023

This is the first 54 pages of my new novel, “The 7 Seals Unleashed on Earth: A Revelation of the End Times.”

The story follows seven people living in the United States when WWIII comes to this land. It’s a Scripturally accurate depiction of what the world will look like throughout the coming six years, and what we need to do to survive and follow the teachings of The Revelation of Jesus Christ in the worst time in human history.

When the novel is finished, it will be about 200 pages.

Here are the first 54 pages:

Chapter 1. Seal 1: The Crown and the Bow

Chapter 2. Seal 2: The Fiery Red Horse of War

Chapter 3. Seal 3: The Black Horse of Inflation

Chapter 4. Seal 4: A Quarter of the Earth Will Die

Chapter 5: Exposing Putin’s Agenda To Conquer the Earth

Seal 1: The Crown and the Bow

The sun had set over the city of New York, leaving behind a vibrant orange and pink sky. The streets were empty, the only sounds heard were the distant honking of car horns and the occasional screeching of tires. It was as if the city had fallen asleep, yet three individuals were still awake.

A middle-aged woman sat at her desk, staring at the computer screen in front of her. She worked for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and had been working tirelessly for months, tracking the spread of a mysterious virus. Her hair was disheveled, and her eyes were tired.

On the other side of the city, a thirty-something man was finishing up his shift as a paramedic. His day had been non-stop, with calls for sick patients coming in one after another. He knew something was off, the symptoms didn’t quite add up, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He was exhausted, but he couldn’t rest until he figured out what was going on.

Meanwhile, at JFK International Airport, Emily Rappaport was anxiously waiting for her flight to take off. She was a renowned journalist, known for her hard-hitting investigative pieces. She had been tipped off about a story that could potentially be the biggest of her career and was on her way to Los Angeles to investigate.

Sitting there at that moment, she had no idea she was about to start uncovering conspiracies that would shake the entire world.

With a heavy heart, a young woman named Sarah Oakley reluctantly emerged from her cozy bedroom, her disheveled hair falling loosely on her shoulders. Her family’s small home was quiet, but she could hear the muffled sounds of her parents and siblings moving about in the adjacent rooms. 

Rubbing her tired eyes, she walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. As she was setting the table, her mother entered the room with a deep frown creasing her forehead.

“Sarah, have you heard the news?” her mother asked, her voice trembling with anxiety.

Sarah paused, feeling a sense of unease rising in her chest. “What news, Mom?”

“About the coronavirus. It’s spreading like wildfire. The government is calling for a nationwide lockdown, and we’re not supposed to leave our homes unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

Sarah’s heart sank. She had heard about the virus on the news, but she had never imagined it would affect her. “What are we going to do?” she whispered, her eyes wide with fear.

“We’ll have to make do with what we have,” her mother replied, trying to sound reassuring. “We’ll stay indoors, keep ourselves and each other safe, and trust in God to see us through.”

As the day wore on, the reality of their situation sank in. Sarah’s father had been laid off from his job, and her mother had taken on extra hours at her job as a nurse. They were doing their best to make ends meet, but the fear and uncertainty of the situation weighed heavily on everyone.

As the days of the lockdown turned into weeks, Sarah found herself growing restless and anxious. As a senior in high school, she missed her friends and the freedom of being able to go outside and enjoy life without fear. She missed going to school. But as she looked around her, she saw that her family was fortunate to have a roof over their heads and food on the table.

As Sarah’s family began to adapt to their new way of life in a pandemic world, news began to spread about a vaccine that could protect them from the virus. Sarah’s parents decided to get vaccinated, hoping it would bring them closer to the normalcy they so desperately craved.

But Sarah had a gut feeling about the vaccine and began to do some research. Very quickly, she started discovering dozens of doctors and scientists who were warning people about the dangers of the mRNA technology contained in the vaccine. Some were claiming that it wasn’t a vaccine at all, but was a type of genetic therapy. Sarah was healthy, hadn’t been touched by coronavirus, and decided that she wasn’t going to take the shot.

But the pressure from Sarah’s parents for her to get vaccinated was intense. They couldn’t understand why she was so hesitant to get the shot. It was for the greater good and would save lives, they were told by their doctor and on the news. But Sarah stood her ground, despite their disapproval. She had read countless articles about people suffering from adverse reactions and even dying after getting the shot. And what about the long-term effects?

Her parents grew increasingly frustrated with her and tried everything they could think of to change her mind. They brought up her friends who had already received the vaccine and how it was the responsible thing to do. They tried to convince her that getting the vaccine was necessary to return to a normal life.

But Sarah wouldn’t budge.

As the days passed, Sarah began to feel more isolated and alone. She had always been close with her parents, but now she felt like they didn’t understand or support her. Her friends, who had all received the vaccine, seemed to be distancing themselves from her as well.

Despite her struggles, Sarah refused to give in. She remained steadfast in her beliefs and continued to trust that God would guide her through this confusing time.

It wasn’t until three weeks later that Sarah met someone who shared her beliefs about the vaccine, as well as her faith. His name was Daniel, and he was a few years older than Sarah. They met at a small prayer gathering and quickly bonded over their shared convictions about God, the pandemic, and the vaccine.

Daniel became Sarah’s confidant and ally in her struggle against the pressure to get vaccinated. They spent hours talking about their faith and the challenges they faced as young Christians in a world that seemed to be moving further away from God.

As Sarah’s relationship with Daniel deepened, she began to feel less alone and more hopeful. She knew that they were both in this fight together.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the pandemic hoax was in full swing, and people were living in fear. Among them was Dr. Anthony Evans, a physician who had been on the front lines of the pandemic response. He had seen the devastation that the coronavirus agenda had caused, and had also seen the harm that the vaccines were doing to his patients. He knew that something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

Anthony was at the hospital when he received a call from his wife, Lisa. She was frantic, telling him that their daughter, Lily, had just received the vaccine at school without their permission. Anthony was beside himself with anger and fear. He knew that the vaccine was dangerous, and he had told his family not to get it.

He rushed to the school, but it was too late. Lily had already been injected. Anthony demanded answers from the school administrators, but they shrugged and told him that they were following orders from the government.

Anthony was determined to find out what was really going on, but he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He reached out to a colleague, Dr. Maria Rodriguez, who shared his suspicions about the vaccine. Together, they began to investigate.

As they delved deeper, they uncovered a sinister plot. The government, in collusion with the pharmaceutical companies, had created the pandemic hoax to scare people into getting vaccinated. The vaccines were not only ineffective but also harmful, causing serious side effects and even death in more cases than they were reporting.

Anthony and Maria knew they had to do something to stop the madness. They began to speak out, spreading the truth about the pandemic hoax and the dangers of the vaccines. But they quickly realized that they were up against powerful forces that would stop at nothing to silence them.

As Sarah struggled with the social consequences of her decision not to get the shot, and Anthony and Maria were beginning to uncover plots of collusion, a different kind of struggle was unfolding in Seattle.

John Shurmore, a businessman, had noticed strange things happening in the world around him for years. He had always had a nagging feeling that something was off, that the powers that be were up to something sinister. But it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that he truly began to realize the scope of what was happening.

As the world shut down and people were forced to stay indoors, John’s company, like many others, was struggling. But he noticed something strange about the way the government was handling the situation. It seemed like they were more concerned with pushing the vaccine than actually helping people.

John began to do his own research, digging into the history of vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry. What he found was shocking. He discovered that there was a long history of corruption and cover-ups within the industry and that many vaccines had caused harm to those who received them.

He also found evidence of a larger conspiracy, one that had been in the works for decades, if not centuries. The pandemic was just the latest piece of the puzzle, designed to push people into submission and control them through fear.

John knew that he couldn’t keep this information to himself. He began to reach out to others who were questioning the official narrative, connecting with like-minded individuals online and trying to learn more.

But as John delved deeper into the world of conspiracy theories and secret societies, he found himself becoming more and more paranoid. He began to suspect that he was being watched, that his every move was being monitored by those who wanted to keep him quiet.

John sat in his apartment, his mind racing with all the information he had uncovered about the vaccines. He knew he was right, but he still couldn’t shake the feeling of paranoia that was creeping in harder and harder. No matter how he tried, there was one situation that he couldn’t explain to himself, and it was eating away at him. 

A few days ago, he had been walking home from the grocery store when he noticed a van following him. At first, he didn’t think much of it, but as he continued walking, the van continued to follow him.

He quickened his pace, trying to shake off the feeling of unease, but the van kept pace with him. Finally, he reached his apartment building and quickly darted inside, locking the door behind him. He watched from his window as the van drove away, but the incident left him shaken.

John tried to rationalize it as just a coincidence, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt like he was constantly being watched. He began to wonder if someone was monitoring him, if someone knew what he knew, and was trying to intimidate him.

The fear of being silenced only fueled John’s determination to get the truth out to as many people as possible. He knew the potential risks to himself, but he couldn’t sit by and watch as people blindly took the vaccine, unaware of the potential harm it could cause.

John’s paranoia only intensified as he thought about the possible ways the government could be watching him. He had heard rumors of government agencies being able to remotely access a device’s camera and microphone without the owner’s knowledge. It all felt like a sickening violation of privacy. He began taping over the camera on his laptop, his phone, and even the camera on his smart TV.

He felt like he was being watched at all times. Every time his phone buzzed or his laptop made a noise, he jumped, wondering if it was someone on the other end spying on him. John knew that he couldn’t be too careful. He even started using encrypted messaging apps to communicate with anyone who shared his beliefs.

One night, John was working late on his laptop when he noticed something odd on the screen. It was almost imperceptible, but he could see a small light blinking near the camera. He froze, staring at it in horror. Had the government really hacked into his laptop camera without his knowledge?

He immediately shut down his laptop and unplugged it. He didn’t know what to do next. Should he throw his laptop away? But then what about his phone? And his smart TV? He felt that he couldn’t escape the all-seeing eye of the government.

John’s paranoia had reached an all-time high, and he was convinced that he was being watched and monitored every second of every day. And the worst part was, he knew that he was probably right.

One night, while sitting alone in his apartment, he decided to go on offense rather than playing defense. John created a YouTube channel to share his knowledge and findings about the vaccine with anyone who would listen. He knew it was a risky move, but he felt like he had no other choice.

John spent the next few days putting together his YouTube channel. He made sure to hide his identity by using only his first name and a fake voice, and he even went as far as to use a VPN to hide his IP address. He knew that the government would still have the power to track him down, but he was determined to make it as difficult for them as possible.

His first video was a simple introduction called, “Are the Vaccines Really Good for You?” Although a businessman, he spoke about his collegiate background in biology and his personal experiences and studies concerning vaccines. He then went on to explain how the government was using fear and propaganda to force people into taking the vaccine. 

He cited numerous studies and sources to back up his claims.

John was surprised when his video went instantly viral. Within a week, he had over a million views and many comments thanking him for speaking out. He also had an unbelievable amount of skeptics. People were hungry for the truth, and John was happy to give it to them. But obviously, he would need to learn how to deal with threats and criticism from those who disagreed.

As his channel grew, so did his paranoia. He was always looking over his shoulder, afraid that the government would come for him at any moment. He started to receive even more threatening messages from people who didn’t agree with him. He even began to question his own sanity, wondering if he was just a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

In a small town in Central Illinois was a group of 20-something friends: Rachel Reed, Michael Hopkins, and James Jasper. 

Rachel was a nurse at the local hospital, Michael was a college student studying theology, and James was a construction worker. They all attended the same church, led by a pastor who had been promoting COVID vaccination to the congregation.

Rachel, Michael, and James had all been hesitant about getting vaccinated, but they couldn’t quite put their finger on why. However, after stumbling upon John’s YouTube channel, they felt like everything clicked at once. They began to research more about the pandemic, and the more they learned, the more they felt like they had been lied to by their own pastor, government, and the media.

Rachel had been a nurse for years and knew that something wasn’t right about the way her hospital was handling the pandemic. Michael had been studying theology and knew that the vaccine went against everything he had learned about God’s design for the human body. And James had been skeptical of the government and media for years.

John’s videos confirmed everything they had been feeling.

As they dove deeper into the content of John’s videos, they each decided to start Twitter accounts and begin sharing the truth of what they were learning. They had been following John’s YouTube channel for weeks and were thrilled when they, almost immediately, found him on Twitter. 

Rachel decided to reach out to John in a private message and give him a heartfelt thank-you for everything she and her group were learning from him.

She wrote:

Hi John,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for the incredible work you are doing. Your videos and Twitter posts have been a beacon of truth in these dark times.

I’m a member of a small group of like-minded people who are dedicated to exposing the lies and corruption of those in power. We have been following your YouTube channel for weeks and were thrilled to find you on Twitter.

Your messages of hope and truth have given us the courage to continue our own work in the face of great adversity. It is truly inspiring to see someone with such passion and dedication fighting for what is right.

I know you must be incredibly busy, but if you ever find yourself in need of assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you again for all that you do.



John, who had been getting hundreds of messages a day since starting his YouTube channel, was pleasantly surprised to receive this. He had grown accustomed to the negative feedback that he was receiving from skeptics and government supporters. Rachel’s message stood out, so he replied.

Michael and James soon followed suit and got in touch directly with John. Over the next few days, the four of them continued to message each other. Michael shared biblical passages that aligned with John’s messages, and John started to realize that there was more to this pandemic than just the lie of the virus and vaccine. He began to see the bigger picture and the spiritual implications behind what was happening in the world.

John was continually fascinated by Michael’s biblical references and started to read the Bible himself. The more he learned, the more convinced he became that he was on the right track with everything he was discussing on his YouTube channel. And perhaps, he was living in the end times.

As Sarah walked into her parents’ living room, she found them watching the news on the TV. Her mother quickly turned it off, looking guilty.

“Sarah, honey, we didn’t mean to upset you earlier. We just want what’s best for you,” her father said.

Sarah sighed. “I know, Dad. But I can’t take the vaccine. I’ve done my research and I just know it’s not safe for me.”

“But all the experts are saying it’s safe and effective,” her mother protested.

Sarah rolled her eyes. “They’re paid by the government and big pharma. Of course they’re going to say that.”

Her parents exchanged a worried look. They had always known Sarah to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but this was different. They were genuinely concerned for her health and safety.

“Sweetheart, please reconsider. It’s for your own good,” her mother pleaded.

Sarah shook her head. “I can’t. I won’t.”

As Sarah headed back to her room, she could hear her parents whispering to each other. She knew they were worried about her and she felt guilty for causing them such distress, but she also knew she couldn’t compromise her beliefs.

Days turned into weeks and Sarah’s relationship with her parents grew increasingly strained. They didn’t understand why she couldn’t just get the vaccine like everyone else and go on with her life. But Sarah knew that if she gave in now, she would be betraying everything she stood for.

She also felt like she’d be betraying Daniel’s trust.

It wasn’t just her parents she had to deal with, either. Her friends were all pressuring her to get the vaccine. They thought she was crazy for not doing so.

But Sarah didn’t waver. She stayed strong and continued to research and educate herself. She knew that her decision might come with societal consequences, but she was willing to face them.

Meanwhile, Daniel sat in front of his laptop, scrolling through the various news articles and social media posts about the pandemic. He had been searching for answers, hoping to find some sort of verifiable truth amidst the chaos. That’s when he stumbled on John’s YouTube channel.

As he watched the videos, everything fell into place. John’s explanations about the vaccines and the lies being spread by the media and government made sense to him. Daniel felt a sense of relief wash over him.

“I knew I wasn’t crazy,” he mumbled to himself.

Excited to share this newfound information with Sarah, he immediately called her.

“Sarah, you won’t believe what I found,” Daniel said, his voice brimming with enthusiasm.

“What is it?” Sarah asked, wary of Daniel’s sudden excitement.

“It’s this guy on YouTube. He just goes by John. He’s talking about the vaccines and how they’re not safe. He’s saying the same things about the vaccine that we’ve been talking about,” Daniel said.

Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise. “Really? You found someone else who thinks like us?”

Daniel nodded eagerly. “Yes, and he has a whole channel with tons of videos. You have to check it out.”

Sarah hesitated for a moment, unsure if she wanted to get her hopes up.

“Okay, send me the link,” Sarah said, a new sense of determination filling her voice.

Daniel quickly shared the link to John’s channel with Sarah, hoping that this would encourage her.

After watching five of John’s videos, Sarah was completely convinced that the vaccine was not only dangerous but unnecessary. She decided to find John on social media and started following his Twitter account. As she scrolled through his posts, she noticed that three other people were also very active in commenting and sharing John’s tweets – Rachel, Michael, and James. Sarah clicked on Rachel’s profile and saw that she was a devout Christian who shared many of the same beliefs as she did.

Feeling inspired and encouraged, Sarah decided to send Rachel a private message on Twitter introducing herself and sharing some of her own experiences with refusing the vaccine. She hoped that Rachel would respond and they could find strength in each other’s stories.

Days went by, and Sarah began to feel discouraged. She had yet to receive a response from Rachel and felt like she was alone in her beliefs. Finally, on one Saturday afternoon, Sarah received a notification that she had a new message on Twitter. It was from Rachel.

Rachel had shared Sarah’s message with Michael and James, and the three of them had been discussing how to respond. They decided that they wanted to connect with Sarah and offer their support. 

When Rachel messaged Sarah back, the two of them quickly hit it off. They exchanged stories of persecution and the struggles they had faced for their beliefs about the pandemic, the vaccine, and God.

Sarah finally felt like she wasn’t alone with only Daniel in this fight with her. She had found a few like-minded people who understood the importance of standing up for their beliefs. She felt a little more encouraged.

Emily walked briskly down the busy streets of downtown Los Angeles, her mind racing with thoughts of what she was beginning to uncover. As a renowned investigative journalist, she had a knack for digging up the truth and uncovering the lies that powerful institutions try to keep hidden.

She had just arrived on a flight from her home in NYC, where she had been tipped off about a story that could potentially be the biggest of her career. Emily had uncovered evidence that the CDC and the World Health Organization were both involved in a massive cover-up regarding the true nature of the pandemic and the safety of the vaccine.

As she walked, Emily’s phone buzzed with notifications from sources she had cultivated over the years. Two of them were Dr. Anthony Evans and Dr. Maria Rodriguez. They were confirming what she had already suspected: the government was lying to the public about the pandemic and the vaccine. Emily felt a mixture of excitement and fear. This story could change everything, but it could also put her in danger.

Emily knew that she had to act fast. She needed to gather more evidence and get the story out immediately.

As she walked, she noticed a poster for a local rally against vaccine mandates. It was being organized by a group of concerned citizens.

Emily felt a glimmer of hope. She decided to attend the rally and see what kind of information she could find there. With a sense of determination, she made her way toward the gathering crowd.

Emily felt encouraged by the rally, where she met people who shared her concerns about the COVID agenda. She decided to put her investigative skills to use and began working on a report about what she had uncovered. She spent long hours pouring over documents and interviewing sources with information contradicting the mainstream narrative, including interviewing Drs. Evans and Rodriguez.

After weeks of work, Emily finally had a comprehensive report that revealed the lies and corruption behind the pandemic and the vaccine. She submitted it to her editor with a sense of accomplishment, but her excitement was short-lived.

Her editor in New York rejected the report, saying it was far too controversial and could not be aired. Emily was devastated. She knew that the information in her report was accurate and could potentially save lives, but she was being silenced.

Within minutes of being rejected by her editor, Emily decided that she had to expose the truth and risk everything to do it. So she set up a new YouTube channel and published her report, fully aware that this move could cost her everything.

As expected, Emily was fired from her job soon after the video went viral. But the overwhelming support she received from people all over the world gave her the strength to continue. Drs. Evans and Rodriguez were among those who reached out to her, starting a group text chat with Emily to express their appreciation for the work she was doing.

Dr. Evans: Emily, I want you to know that what you did was incredibly brave. The world needs more people like you who are willing to speak out against injustice.

Dr. Rodriguez: Yes, we both agree. We also wanted to offer our assistance in any way we can. We have some connections in the media that might be able to help you get your message out there even more.

Emily: That would be amazing! I want to keep fighting against lies and propaganda, and any help I can get is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Evans: We’re happy to help in any way we can. Just keep us updated on what you need, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Dr. Rodriguez: And don’t forget to take care of yourself, Emily. This kind of work can take a toll on you, so make sure you’re getting enough rest and taking care of your mental health.

Emily: Thank you both again. I’ll definitely keep you updated, and I appreciate the reminder to take care of myself.

With the encouragement of these two medical experts, Emily continued to create videos and disseminate the truth to as many people as she could. She even joined forces with John, whom she happened to connect with on social media, to produce videos that garnered millions of viewers.

As time went by, the media and government’s push for vaccination waned, as the people who remained unvaccinated became increasingly aware of the risks and dangers associated with the vaccine. Even young, healthy athletes were dying from blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks after getting inoculated.

But a new catastrophe was brewing on the horizon, one that would engulf the world in chaos and destruction. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, launched a war with Ukraine that escalated rapidly and ultimately would lead to World War III. 

The fiery red horse of war had been unleashed, and it threatened to bring about the end of the world as we knew it.

Seal 2: The Fiery Red Horse of War

Emily, still in Los Angeles, and John, living in Seattle, were both blindsided by the news of Putin’s war in Ukraine. The media was now completely focused on this new development, and COVID-19 had taken a back seat in the headlines. Emily was worried about her family in Europe, and John’s brother was in the military and was likely to be deployed should a world war break out.

As the days passed, tensions mounted. There were rumors of Russia’s military presence in other parts of the world, and there was growing concern about what this meant for the future. Emily and John were individually glued to the news, trying to keep up with the latest developments.

Emily and John had met in a small group of YouTube creators on Twitter, and had hit it off almost immediately. They spent countless hours comparing notes, sharing new ideas with each other, and texting into the early morning hours.

In the midst of all this chaos, they found comfort in their shared beliefs. Eventually, they decided to meet in person and began to develop a romantic relationship.

Emily and John’s first in-person meeting was at a small coffee shop in downtown Seattle where John lived. They were both nervous and excited, unsure of what to expect from each other outside of the online world.

As they sat across from one other, sipping their coffee and making small talk, they both felt a connection that went beyond their shared faith and passion for exposing the truth. They laughed at each other’s jokes and found themselves drawn to each other’s energy.

As the day went on, they explored the city together, visiting various landmarks and sharing personal stories about their lives. They talked about their families, their hopes, and their fears. And as the sun began to set, they found themselves standing at the edge of Puget Sound, watching the waves crash against the shore.

It was then that John took Emily’s hand and looked into her eyes, telling her how much he appreciated her friendship and how much he admired her courage. Emily blushed, feeling her heart race as she looked back into John’s eyes. They both knew that they were more than just friends.

Their romance grew quickly from that day forward. Emily moved to Seattle where they regularly attended church and had a close-knit group of friends who supported them. They prayed together, read the Bible together, and encouraged each other to trust in God’s plan, no matter what it is.

Despite their faith, however, they couldn’t help but feel anxious about what the future held. They were worried about their families, their friends, and their own safety. They knew that the world was changing, and they weren’t sure if they were ready for what was to come.

One evening, as they sat in front of the TV, Emily turned to John and said, “What do you think this all means? Are we really living in the end times?”

John sighed and shook his head. “I don’t know,” he said. “But I do know that we need to trust in God. He has a plan for us, even if we can’t see it right now.”

Emily nodded, tears welling up in her eyes. “I know,” she said. “But it’s hard to stay strong when everything around us seems to be falling apart.”

John took her hand and squeezed it. “We’ll get through this together,” he said. “We’ll lean on each other, and we’ll lean on God. He won’t let us down.”

As Sarah and Daniel watched the news of the war in Ukraine unfold, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear. They knew that Putin’s aggression could easily spread beyond Ukraine’s borders and engulf the whole world in war.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get a bad feeling about all of this,” Sarah said as she turned off the TV.

Daniel nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it’s like we’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have a feeling that things are about to get a lot worse before they get better.”

As the news of Putin’s war in Ukraine continued to dominate the headlines, Sarah and Daniel found themselves feeling frustrated. They had spent so much time researching and exposing the lies surrounding COVID and the vaccine, only to see the world’s attention shift so quickly to a new crisis. It seemed like their efforts had been in vain.

But there was more going on in their lives than just frustration over the changing news cycle. Sarah had been experiencing some unexpected health issues, and they were struggling to get a diagnosis. They had been to multiple doctors and specialists, but no one seemed to be able to figure out what was wrong.

As they grappled with this personal challenge, Daniel found himself delving deeper into his research on the Book of Revelation. He had always been fascinated by end-times prophecy, and he couldn’t help but see the parallels between the events happening in the world and the warnings in the Bible.

One night, as they sat together watching the news, Daniel suddenly spoke up. “You know, I think we’re actually living in the 7 seals of God’s judgment. The first seal was the corona, the crown and the bow, and now with this war, it looks like the second seal has been opened.”

Sarah looked at him incredulously. “What are you talking about?”

Daniel explained, “It’s all in the Book of Revelation. The fiery red horse of war is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. And Putin… he might be the first beast of Revelation chapter 13 that leads the war.”

Sarah shook her head. “I don’t know what to believe anymore. All of this is so overwhelming. And we still don’t know what’s going on with my health issues.”

Daniel took her hand. “I know it’s a lot to take in. But we have to keep moving forward. We don’t have any other choice.”

Rachel, Michael, and James were glued to their TV screens as they watched the news coverage of Putin’s war in Ukraine. They couldn’t believe that the world had shifted its focus so quickly from the pandemic to a full-blown war.

Michael, who had been studying theology, knew these events were prophesied in the Bible. He remembered reading about the four horsemen of the apocalypse and wondered if the fiery red horse of war had been unleashed.

Rachel had always been a devoted nurse, but lately, her heart was heavy with a new kind of worry. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that the world was teetering on the edge of something monumental. It wasn’t just the violence and bloodshed that troubled her; it was the way the world seemed to be spiraling out of control. For months, she had dedicated herself to fighting the lies behind the Covid agenda, but now it seemed like a distant memory, as if the world had moved on from it too quickly.

James, a construction worker, was worried about how the war would affect his job and the economy. He knew that with so much attention being focused on the conflict in Ukraine, other important issues, like infrastructure and jobs, would likely take a backseat.

As they watched the news coverage, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread. They knew that if the conflict continued to escalate, it could very well have devastating consequences for the entire world.

Emily’s mind was racing with questions about Putin’s motives for starting the war in Ukraine. As a reporter, her instinct to investigate was kicking in, and she had a strong suspicion that there was more to the story than what was being reported in the media. She spent hours pouring over news articles and government statements, trying to piece together a clearer picture of what was happening.

Slowly but surely, Emily started to uncover Putin’s strategy. It seemed as though he was using the war as a means to bring attention to the corruption and injustices committed by governments across the world. Putin was trying to play the good guy on the world stage, using the destruction caused by the war to shed light on the darker truths of the world.

Emily knew that she had stumbled upon something big, something that could change the way people viewed their governments. She began to work on a plan to share her findings, to expose the truth behind Putin’s motives, and hopefully prevent him from deceiving people into thinking he was actually a good guy.

But as she dug deeper, Emily began to realize just how dangerous her investigation could be. She knew that she was treading in dangerous waters, and that her actions could have severe consequences. But she couldn’t let fear stop her from pursuing this new truth.

As she sat at the kitchen table, staring at her laptop screen, John walked in with a cup of coffee in his hand. “What’s going on?” he asked, noticing the look of frustration on her face.

“I don’t know,” Emily replied, closing her laptop. “I just can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right about this war.”

“What do you mean?” John asked, taking a seat across from her.

“Well, I’ve been doing some research, and I think Putin’s using this war to gain power and control over the world,” Emily explained. “He’s going to use it as an opportunity to play the good guy, to shine a light on all the corruption and evil in the world, and then take control in the name of peace and justice.”

John raised an eyebrow. “That’s quite the conspiracy theory you’ve got there,” he said, sipping his coffee. “I think you’re reading too much into this. Putin’s just trying to protect his country’s interests, like any other leader would.”

Emily shook her head. “I don’t buy it. I think he’s using this as a smokescreen to hide his true intentions. He’s a master manipulator, and I think we’re all going to be played.”

John sighed. “I think you’re being a bit paranoid, Emily. Maybe you should take a break from all this research and just enjoy life for a bit.”

But she knew she had to keep digging deeper to uncover the truth behind Putin’s war.

Late that night, Emily sat at her desk, poring over her notes and research on the war. As she delved deeper, the pieces completely fell into place.

She compiled her research and crafted a compelling YouTube video, hoping to catch the attention of those who may have been blinded by Putin’s deceit.

The video went live, and Emily watched as the views and comments flooded in. But it wasn’t until John stumbled upon the video and saw the passion in Emily’s eyes as she spoke that he became convinced she was onto something. 

John sat on the couch next to Emily, his eyes glued to the screen as her video played for the second time.

“You really believe Putin is trying to deceive the world with all of this? And that our media isn’t giving us the full story of what he’s actually planning?” he asked, turning to her.

“Yes, I do,” Emily replied firmly. “I’ve been studying what he’s been saying, his tactics, and what he plans on doing.”

“But why would he expose the world’s evils?” John asked, still trying to make sense of it all.

“Because it makes him look like the good guy,” Emily explained. “He’s playing a long game, trying to gain trust and support so that when he finally moves toward his ultimate goal, no one will see it coming.”

“And what do you think his ultimate goal is?” John wondered.

“He believes he will be worshipped by everyone in the world because of what he will show them,” Emily confidently replied.

“Putin wants to be known as the one who exposes all the dark, evil secrets of those who have been controlling the direction of the world. He wants to be seen as a savior… even as a messiah.” she continued.

“OK. But if that’s true, what can we do about it?” John asked, feeling overwhelmed.

“We can start by spreading the word,” Emily said, her eyes shining with determination.

John nodded slowly, his mind racing with the implications of what Emily was saying. He knew she could be right, but the thought was daunting.

Emily put a hand on John’s arm. John looked at her and felt a surge of motivation.

Sarah and Daniel spent months seeking a diagnosis for Sarah’s mysterious illness. Her symptoms were bizarre, and they visited countless doctors who couldn’t seem to make heads or tails of her condition. Finally, they were referred to a renowned specialist, Dr. Anna Johnson.

Dr. Johnson listened carefully as Sarah recounted her symptoms. She asked detailed questions, took extensive notes, and eventually ordered a series of tests. After weeks of waiting, Dr. Johnson finally had an answer: Sarah had been diagnosed with Giant Cell Myocarditis, a rare and deadly autoimmune disease.

Sarah and Daniel were devastated by the news. The only treatments available were highly experimental and had a low chance of success. They decided that they were going to put their hope in God to miraculously heal Sarah. 

Dr. Johnson, a woman of great faith, agreed to pray with them.

“I know this is a difficult time for you both,” Dr. Johnson said. “But I want you to know that I have seen miracles happen. I have seen people healed from diseases that were thought to be incurable. I believe that if anyone can beat this disease, it’s Sarah.”

Sarah and Daniel sat in silence for a few moments, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally, Sarah broke the silence.

“I never thought it would be something like this,” she said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Daniel took her hand in his. “I know. It’s not fair.”

Sarah wiped away her tears. “But we have to have faith. We have to believe that God will heal me, even if it seems impossible.”

Daniel nodded. “I know. And we’ll fight this together. We’ll do whatever it takes.”

Sarah squeezed his hand. “I know. And even if God doesn’t heal me in the way we want, we’ll still trust Him. We’ll still believe that He has a plan for us.”

Sarah’s heart sank as she told her parents the news. Tears filled their eyes as they struggled to accept the diagnosis.

“How could this happen? You’re so young,” Sarah’s mother cried.

Sarah’s father’s expression turned to anger. “I bet if you had gotten the COVID vaccine, you wouldn’t be dealing with this right now!”

“Stop it!” Sarah shouted. “I don’t need this kind of blame right now!”

The argument escalated. Sarah had recently turned 18 and decided that she needed to leave the house. She packed her bags and headed straight to Daniel’s place, seeking solace in the arms of the person who had been there for her through everything.

As she settled in at Daniel’s place, Sarah couldn’t help but wonder if she had made the right decision. Would she ever be able to face her parents again? And how would she cope with the reality of her diagnosis? Despite the uncertainty, she knew one thing for sure – she had Daniel by her side.

As they sat on the couch, scrolling through YouTube videos and trying to forget the day, Daniel clicked on a thumbnail of Emily’s video, “Putin’s Secret Agenda Revealed.” Sarah’s eyes widened as she watched the video. It was as if this video had put into words what she had been feeling about the world’s leaders for a long time.

“Wow, this is really interesting,” Sarah said, leaning into Daniel.

“Yeah, she really seems to know what she’s talking about,” Daniel replied, his eyes glued to the screen.

As the video ended, Sarah sat back and pondered over what she had just watched.

“Daniel, do you ever feel like things are just messed up? Like people in charge don’t care about the rest of us?” Sarah asked.

Daniel nodded his head, “All the time. It’s like they’re just playing their own game, and we’re just pieces on their board.”

Sarah sighed, “It’s just so frustrating. What can we even do about it?”

They sat in silence for a moment, lost in thought. Suddenly, Sarah’s phone rang. It was her mother, and her voice was frantic on the other end of the line.

“Sarah, you need to come home right now. Your father’s had a heart attack,” her mother said, tears streaming down her face.

Without hesitation, Sarah grabbed her bag and headed towards the door. She turned back to Daniel, “I have to go. I’ll call you later.”

Daniel watched as Sarah rushed out the door.

As the world war began to progress, Putin formed a coalition with China and Iran, giving him even more power and influence. The three nations had already invaded several Western countries, and their forces were growing stronger by the day. The situation was dire, and it seemed like there was no end in sight.

John and Emily used their combined platforms to spread the truth about Putin’s true intentions. With Emily’s passion and John’s strategic mind, they became relentless.

As the war raged on, inflation began to take its toll on the world’s economies, and people were struggling to make ends meet. Emily and John saw firsthand the effects of this financial turmoil, as they witnessed friends and family members struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table.

But they knew that they couldn’t let the fear and uncertainty of the times consume them.

John leaned back in his chair and let out a sigh. “It’s like we’re up against an army of lies and propaganda constantly. We have to find a way to cut through it all and get the truth out there.”

Emily nodded, her expression serious. “We can’t let Putin win. We have to keep exposing him and his agenda.”

“Agreed. And we have to be strategic. We can’t just go out there and make wild accusations without solid evidence.”

“Right. We need to do our research, gather intel, and present it in a way that’s clear and convincing.”

John nodded. “You’re right. We can’t just rely on passion and emotion. We need to be smart and methodical.”

Emily leaned forward, her eyes intense. “But we also can’t be afraid to take risks. We have to be bold and push the boundaries.”

John let out a deep sigh. “What if we can’t really make a difference, though? Maybe this is just how it’s supposed to be. Maybe all these wars and conflicts are just part of God’s plan of judgment.”

Emily shook her head. “Even if that is the case, we still need to fight against Putin’s lies. We need to expose the truth and make sure people don’t fall for his deception.”

John nodded slowly, taking in Emily’s words. “You’re right. We have to keep going. We need to do everything we can.”

Just then, John’s phone beeped with a notification. He checked it and his expression darkened. “What’s wrong?” Emily asked.

“It’s the inflation rate,” John said. “It’s getting worse. Prices are skyrocketing and people are struggling to survive.”

The inflation crisis loomed over the nation like a dark, ominous cloud. Prices soared as wages stagnated, and many found themselves struggling to make ends meet. The burden began to weigh heavily on the shoulders of the working class, who had long felt ignored by the elites in power.

Seal 3: The Black Horse of Inflation

It had been over eight months since Sarah’s father had died of a sudden heart attack. The doctors were unable to find any explanation for the blood clot that had caused it. But Sarah knew the truth. She knew that the vaccine he had received just months prior had caused the clot that killed him.

As for Sarah, her health continued to decline. The symptoms of her illness became more severe with each passing day, leaving her weakened and bedridden. The loss of her father only added to her distress, the memories of his untimely death at the hands of the vaccine still fresh in her mind.

And now, as she lay in bed, struggling to breathe, she couldn’t help but wonder if the same fate awaited her.

One night, as Sarah lay in bed, her breathing labored and shallow, Daniel sat by her side, holding her hand. “I don’t know how we’re going to make it,” he said, tears streaming down his face. “We’re barely keeping our heads above water as it is. And now with your illness getting worse…”

Sarah squeezed his hand, trying to offer comfort even in her weakened state. “We’ll make it through this,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “We will.”

But the truth was, they were barely hanging on. The massive inflation caused by the ongoing world war had made even the most basic necessities unaffordable. Sarah’s medical bills were piling up, and with her worsening condition, they could only expect them to get higher. And to top it off, Sarah was now unable to work, which only added to the financial burden. All they had was the money Daniel could earn working as much overtime as he could at the factory.

The situation was dire, and Daniel couldn’t help but feel like he was failing. He had always been a hard worker, but it seemed like no matter how much he toiled, it was never enough. The uncertainty of the future weighed on his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel like they were running out of options.

He glanced over at Sarah, her face etched with pain, and felt a pang of despair. How could he provide for her when everything around him was falling apart? It was a feeling he couldn’t shake.

Just then Sarah spoke up, her voice stronger than before. “Daniel, remember what we always say,” she said. “God will provide. We just need to have faith and trust in His plan.”

Daniel took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves. He knew she was right. He had always been a man of faith, but the events of the past few years had shaken him to his core. It was hard to see a way out.

Rachel, Michael, and James had just finished dinner together at a small rural diner when the power went out. At first, they thought it was a normal power outage, but they quickly noticed that everything was off, including their cell phones. Something was very wrong.

As they stepped outside, Rachel tried to turn on the car to see if it would work, but it wouldn’t start. James tried his phone again, but it still wouldn’t turn on. Michael suggested they walk into town to see what was happening.

As they walked, they noticed the eerie silence that had taken over. There were no cars on the road, no people outside, and no sound other than the rustling of leaves in the wind.

“What the hell is going on?” Rachel asked, her voice trembling.

“I don’t know, but something isn’t right,” Michael said, scanning the deserted streets.

They walked further into town until they came across several strangers gathered around a car with a working radio. The news announcer’s voice crackled through the airwaves, reporting on a sudden and unprecedented attack on American soil by a coalition of Chinese and Russian forces.

James and Rachel exchanged shocked glances, while Michael’s face paled. The radio continued to report that the attack had been an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that had destroyed most of the electronics in the area, including power grids, communication networks, and even the electronics in vehicles. As they listened, they realized the gravity of the situation they were in.

Rachel’s eyes widened in shock. “Oh my God, we’re under attack?” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

James looked around at the silent, empty streets. “Looks like it,” he said, his tone grim.

Michael put his arm around Rachel. “We need to get to safety,” he said. “Let’s head back to my house and figure out what to do next.”

As they hurried back to Michael’s house, fear and uncertainty gripped them. They didn’t know what to expect, or what they would find when they got to his home.

As the three approached Michael’s house, they could see that the front door was slightly ajar. Michael’s car was in the driveway, and the house was dark. They exchanged worried glances before pushing the door open and cautiously stepping inside.

At first, everything appeared to be in its usual place, but as they moved further into the living room, they saw that it was a mess. The couch was flipped over, the glass coffee table was shattered, and books and papers were scattered across the floor.

“Michael, what on earth happened here?” Rachel asked, her voice trembling.

“I have no idea,” Michael replied, looking just as confused as they were.

As they made their way through the rest of the house, they found more signs of intrusion.

“Someone was definitely looking for something,” James said, his brow furrowed.

“But what?” Rachel asked, scanning the room for any clues.

That’s when Michael noticed something on the floor next to the overturned couch. It was a small, black device that looked like a USB drive.

“I’ve never seen this before,” he said, picking it up and examining it closely.

As he turned it over in his hands, the device suddenly beeped, causing all three of them to jump.

“What was that?” James asked, his hand reaching for the gun he kept holstered on his hip.

“I don’t know,” Michael replied, his heart racing.

Suddenly, the device started emitting a bright, pulsing blue light that filled the entire room. The three of them shielded their eyes, but it was too late. The light engulfed them, and everything went black.

When they came to, they were lying on the floor of Michael’s living room. The room was silent, and they were disoriented and confused about what just happened. They looked around and noticed that the device was no longer there and the entire room was back in order.

They looked at each other, speechless and unsure of what to say.

As they tried to shake off the grogginess, a sudden and aggressive knock on the door made them jump. They exchanged worried looks and cautiously made their way to the front door, where they found themselves face-to-face with several members of the Chinese military.

A soldier demanded to speak with Michael, his accent-filled tone brooking no argument. Rachel and James looked at Michael, unsure of what to do. Michael stepped forward, his hands raised in a placating gesture.

“I don’t know what this is about,” Michael said, his voice shaking slightly. “But I’m happy to talk to you. Can I come with you peacefully?”

The soldiers nodded, and Michael was quickly ushered out of the house and into a waiting military vehicle. The drive was tense and silent, the soldiers keeping a watchful eye on their captive.

As the military vehicle drove off with Michael, Rachel couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that settled deep in her stomach. What did the Chinese military want with Michael, and why was he being taken away like this?

Was he involved in something that she and James weren’t aware of?

Emily sat glued to the local Seattle news, her eyes wide with shock as the news of the EMP attack on the Midwest played out on the screen. She turned to John, who was sitting next to her on the couch and said, “We need to go there, John. We need to see what’s happening for ourselves.”

John shook his head. “Are you out of your mind? We’re thousands of miles away. It’s not safe to travel there, especially with the rumors of a foreign military presence.”

“I know it’s dangerous, but we can’t just sit here and do nothing,” Emily insisted. “We have to know what’s really going on. Besides, we’ve been preparing for something like this. We’re ready.”

John hesitated, weighing the risks in his mind. “Fine. But we have to be careful. We can’t just rush in blindly. We need to plan our route, stay off major roads, and avoid any potential danger.”

Emily nodded eagerly. “I know, I know. We’ll be smart about it. But we have to go, John. We have to see it for ourselves.”

Minutes later, John and Emily decided to set up their camera in the living room, sitting close together on the couch. Emily took a deep breath, went live on YouTube, and started talking to the camera, “Hey everyone, it’s Emily and John. We just heard the news about the EMP attack that hit the Midwest and the rumors of a foreign military on the ground in Illinois. We know this is scary and confusing, but we feel like we have to go there and see what’s going on.”

John interjects, “But we want to be clear, this is not a decision to take lightly. The risks are high, and we don’t want anyone to put themselves in danger. We’re not saying that everyone should rush to Illinois, but we do think that it’s important to understand what’s happening there and what it means for the rest of us.”

Emily nods in agreement, “Exactly. The fact that it seems the war has now come to America is a game-changer. We can’t take our safety for granted anymore. We need to be vigilant and aware of what’s happening around us. This is not just a problem for the people in Illinois, it’s a problem for all of us.”

Emily concludes, “We’ll keep you all updated on what we find out in Illinois. Until then, stay safe, and take care of each other.”

Emily and John packed their car with the bare essentials they needed for the long drive ahead. As they pulled out of their driveway, Emily turned to John and said, “I know this is a risky move, but we have to do this. We have to show people what’s happening, and we have to do it in person. We can’t just sit back and let our country fall apart around us.”

John sighed heavily. “I know you’re right, but this is dangerous. We could be putting ourselves in harm’s way.”

“I understand that,” Emily replied, “but we have to take that risk. We have a responsibility to our followers to show them what’s happening, and to make sure they’re prepared for what’s to come.”

John nodded, and they continued their drive eastward. Along the way, they passed through small towns and cities, all of which seemed to be on edge. People were stockpiling supplies and fortifying their homes, preparing for what might come next.

After days of driving, they finally arrived in Illinois. As they drove through the state, they could see the signs of war all around them: Burned-out buildings, abandoned homes, and military vehicles everywhere. They had been searching for a place to spend the night, but every hotel and motel they passed was either closed or overrun with chaos.

As they drove further into the state, Emily suddenly remembered something. “Wait a minute,” she said, “remember those followers we’ve been talking to on social media? Rachel, Michael, and James?”

John nodded, “Yeah, what about them?”

“Well, they live in Illinois,” Emily said. “Maybe we can reach out to them and ask if they know of a safe place for us to stay.”

John thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement. “That’s a good idea. Let’s try reaching out to them.”

Emily quickly pulled out her phone and sent messages to Rachel, Michael, and James, explaining their situation and asking if they knew of any safe places to stay.

But her heart quickly sank as she stared at her phone, realizing that her messages were likely lost in the void caused by the EMP attack. How would they receive her messages if their electronics weren’t working? She had no idea where Rachel, Michael, and James were, or if they were even alive. She knew that they were strong, capable people, but the current situation was incredibly dangerous.

John put his hand on her shoulder, sensing her distress. “We’ll figure something out,” he said softly.

Emily nodded. They continued driving when suddenly they spotted movement up ahead. Emily’s heart raced as she saw a group of people huddled together, seemingly trying to survive amidst the chaos.

“Stop the car,” she whispered to John.

As Michael was escorted to a Chinese interrogation room, he saw two Chinese intelligence officers sitting at a table, waiting for him. One of them looked up and greeted him in Chinese, but Michael didn’t understand a word of it.

The other officer spoke up in English. “Mr. Hopkins, we understand that you have been involved in some suspicious deep web activities. Can you tell us what you were doing?”

Michael took a deep breath and tried to collect his thoughts. “I was trying to spread awareness about the signs of the end times, as prophesied in the Bible. I don’t know anything for a fact, but I believe the events happening in the world are pointing to Vladimir Putin being the first beast of Revelation.”

The officers exchanged a glance before continuing. “Do you realize how serious your actions are? You are spreading false information that could potentially damage the reputation of our ally, Russia. We need to know everything you know about this matter.”

Michael shook his head. “I don’t know anything more than what I’ve already said. I don’t have any concrete evidence that Putin is the beast. It’s just a strong theory based on my study of Revelation in the Bible.”

The officers leaned forward, their expressions becoming more serious. “You must understand, Mr. Hopkins, that in times of war, we cannot tolerate any actions that could potentially harm our alliances. We need to know everything you know, and we need it now.”

Michael felt a pit forming in his stomach. He had no idea what kind of information they were looking for, and he didn’t want to say anything that could potentially harm anyone.

“I really don’t have any more information to give you,” he said, trying to keep his voice steady. “I’m sorry if I’ve caused any trouble, but I was only following my beliefs.”

The officers exchanged another glance before one of them spoke up. “We will be monitoring your activities very closely, Mr. Hopkins. We suggest you refrain from any further suspicious behavior, or there will be consequences. In the meantime, you’re going to be staying here for a while.”

Michael nodded.

Immediately, he was escorted to a drab living quarters in isolation. The room was small and devoid of any furniture except for a small cot in the corner. The walls were bare and the only source of light was a small window and a dim bulb hanging from the ceiling.

As the door to the room was locked behind him, Michael felt a wave of despair rush over him. He had no idea how long they were going to hold him, and no way of getting in touch with anyone. He paced the small room, his mind racing with questions about what was going to happen to him.

Hours turned into days, and Michael remained in isolation. He wasn’t allowed any contact with the outside world and had no idea what was happening in the war. His only source of information came from the guards who occasionally brought him food and water.

Finally, after five days in isolation, Michael was abruptly summoned to another interrogation room. He was escorted by two armed guards, who led him down a long hallway to a small room with a table and two chairs. A single lightbulb hung from the ceiling, casting a harsh glow over the room.

Sitting across from Michael was a middle-aged man in a suit. He introduced himself as Zhang Wei, a high-ranking official in the Chinese government.

“Mr. Hopkins, we have been monitoring your online activities for some time now,” Zhang said, his tone calm and measured. “We are aware of your interest in the Book of Revelation and your belief that Vladimir Putin is the first beast of Revelation 13.”

Michael’s heart began to race. He had known that his online activities were risky, but he had never expected to be interrogated by a high-ranking official in the Chinese government.

“I don’t know anything for a fact about Putin and his agenda,” Michael said, his voice trembling slightly. “I am only following the prophecy in the Bible, and the world’s events are showing me that Putin is the beast.”

Zhang leaned forward, his expression serious. “We are not here to debate the merits of your religious beliefs, Mr. Hopkins. We want to know everything you know about Putin.”

“I don’t know anything about Putin that isn’t already public knowledge,” Michael replied, his eyes meeting Zhang’s. “I’m just a regular guy who has a passion for studying the Bible. As I’m sure you already know, I’m studying theology in college.”

Zhang looked at Michael for a long moment before nodding. “Very well. We will keep you in isolation for a little longer, and perhaps you will change your mind.”

With that, the guards led Michael back to his room, locking the door behind him. Michael sank down onto the cot, feeling more alone and helpless than before. He had no idea how long they were going to keep him there, or if he would ever be free again.

Emily and John got out of their car and approached the group of people. As they got closer, Emily’s heart skipped a beat. She recognized two familiar faces from Twitter – Rachel and James.

“Rachel? James? Is that really you?” Emily asked in disbelief.

Rachel and James turned around and looked at Emily and John. A moment of stunned silence followed as the four of them tried to process what was happening.

“Emily! Oh my God, it’s you!” Rachel exclaimed, running up to hug her online friend.

“What are you guys doing here?” Rachel asked, still in shock.

“We heard about the EMP attack and the Chinese troops. We knew we had to find out what was going on here, so we packed up and started heading east. We’ve been on the road for days,” Emily explained.

Rachel nodded, understanding their decision. 

“I tried to send you guys messages, but I realized they wouldn’t have gone through to you after the EMP attack,” Emily explained.

Rachel and James nodded in agreement.

“Is Michael with you two?” John asked.

“No,” James explained. “Shortly after the EMP attack, a couple of Chinese troops showed up at his house and took him away for some sort of questioning. We haven’t heard from him since.”

A look of concern overtook Emily’s face as she realized that everyone who had been speaking out against Putin’s war could soon face similar consequences.

The four of them prayed together, then headed back to Rachel’s apartment to get some rest and try to strategize a game plan moving forward.

When Putin’s war came to America, the already struggling economy began to worsen with each passing day. Inflation soared to unprecedented levels, causing prices of basic necessities to skyrocket. Eggs, which used to cost only a few dollars a dozen, were now selling for over $20. A loaf of bread, once a staple in every American household, was now a luxury that cost almost $15. Families who were already struggling to make ends meet were hit the hardest, as they found it increasingly difficult to put food on the table.

The impact of this inflation was felt across the country and the world, with people from all walks of life struggling to cope with the new reality. Some families were forced to cut back on their meals, while others had to make difficult choices about which basic necessities they could afford. Small businesses that relied on affordable prices to attract customers were also hit hard, as people had to tighten their belts and limit their spending.

Inflation also had ripple effects throughout the economy, causing interest rates to rise and making it nearly impossible for people to obtain loans. The cost of housing, already high in many parts of the country, became even more unaffordable for most Americans. The impact of inflation was felt not just in people’s wallets but in their everyday lives, as they struggled to cope with the new reality of life in a country at war.

As inflation continued to worsen, people in the inner cities grew increasingly desperate. Looting and riots became more and more common, as people scrambled to find a way to feed themselves and their families. Law enforcement was stretched thin, and many neighborhoods became lawless, ruled by gangs and vigilantes.

Meanwhile, people in rural areas were increasingly isolating themselves from the chaos. They hoarded supplies and stockpiled weapons, barricading themselves in their homes and farms. They feared that the lawlessness of the cities would soon spread to their towns and villages, and they were determined to defend themselves against them and the invading Chinese and Russian militaries.

To make matters worse, the U.S. military was nowhere to be found. It was as though the entire government of the U.S. had abandoned its people, and it was every man, woman, and child for themselves.

In many areas, makeshift militias began to form, with ordinary citizens banding together to protect their communities. They set up roadblocks and checkpoints, patrolling their neighborhoods and keeping watch for any signs of danger.

As the war raged on, the divide between the urban and rural areas grew wider. The cities became more and more dangerous, while the countryside became more and more isolated. And all across America, people struggled to survive in a world that was crumbling around them.


Sarah and Daniel laid in bed in their small apartment, watching the news on their old television set. The screen flickered and crackled with static, but they could still make out the images of chaos and destruction.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Sarah said, her voice weak and raspy.

“I know,” Daniel replied, rubbing his tired eyes. “It’s like something out of a movie.”

“What are we going to do if the Chinese come here?” Sarah asked, her voice filled with worry.

“We’ll be okay,” Daniel said, trying to sound reassuring. “They’re not going to come all the way down here.”

“But what if they do?” Sarah insisted. “What if they’re already here and we don’t know it yet?”

Daniel sighed. He didn’t have an answer. He had been struggling just to keep food on the table and pay the rent. The thought of a foreign army invading Ocala was almost too much to bear.

Sarah leaned her head against his shoulder, and he put his arm around her. They sat like that for a while, watching the news in silence.

Their days began to fly by, and the situation across the country only seemed to be getting worse. The news was filled with reports of violence, looting, and chaos spreading like wildfire. But the news wasn’t reporting how many people were dying, or any real details of what was happening with the war or why. It was all confusion and the government seemed powerless to do anything about it. The people were left to fend for themselves.

Sarah’s health continued to deteriorate, and Daniel found himself increasingly worried about her. He knew he had to do something to provide for her and ensure their safety, but he didn’t know what.

One day, while Daniel was out for a walk to clear his head, he stumbled on a group of people gathered in a nearby park. They were talking about the state of the world and how they could band together to survive. Daniel listened intently, and eventually introduced himself to the group, which was made up of locals from his neighborhood who had come together to discuss their options in the face of the crisis. They had already started pooling their resources and sharing knowledge to help each other through.

Daniel was relieved to find such a community, and quickly became involved in their efforts. In return, the group helped him and Sarah with food, medicine, and other necessities.

Sarah was grateful for the support, and slowly started to regain some of her strength. She even became friends with some of the younger women in the group, and they would often spend afternoons sitting in the park, talking about their lives before the crisis and how they were coping now.

As Sarah spent more time with her new friends, she learned that many of them had turned to God in order to find comfort and hope during the crisis. They often prayed together, and Sarah found herself drawn to the sense of community it provided.

One day, as they sat together in the park, Sarah’s new friends began to pray for her to be healed from the debilitating disease that had been weighing her down. Sarah was touched by their kindness and sincerity, but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. She had been sick for so long, it seemed like a miracle may never come.

As the young women prayed, Sarah felt a warmth spread through her body. She didn’t know what was happening, but it felt like something was changing inside of her. When the prayer ended, Sarah opened her eyes and looked around. She felt different, as if a weight had been lifted from her.

Over the next few days, Sarah’s condition improved dramatically. She had more energy, and the constant pain that had plagued her was gone. She couldn’t believe it, but it seemed that the women’s prayers had worked.

Sarah shared her story with the other members of the group, and soon everyone was talking about the power of God. They began to hold regular prayer meetings, and the group grew stronger and more supportive than ever before. Sarah felt like a new person.

One evening while Sarah was making dinner, Daniel sat at the table reading the Bible. He had always found comfort in the scriptures, but he clung to them for guidance now more than ever. However, as he read Revelation 20:4-6, his heart sank. “Sarah, come look at this,” he called out to her.

Sarah walked over to the table, wiping her hands on her apron. “What is it, Daniel?”

“Listen to this,” Daniel said, reading the passage aloud. “‘And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.'”

Sarah looked at him, her brow furrowed. “What does that mean?”

“It means that those who continue to witness to Jesus throughout this war will be beheaded,” Daniel said, his voice heavy with emotion. “We could be killed for our faith, Sarah.”

Sarah’s eyes widened in shock. “But we have to keep our faith, Daniel. We have to trust in God’s plan.”

“I know,” Daniel said. “But it’s a scary thought. Are we ready to face death for our beliefs?”

“I don’t know,” Sarah said, a look of deep concern on her face. “But we have to believe that God will be with us no matter what happens.”

Daniel nodded, taking Sarah’s hand. “You’re right.”

Together, they bowed their heads in prayer, asking for strength and courage in the face of the trials to come.

After praying, Sarah took a deep breath and turned to Daniel, who was still holding her hand. “Daniel, what does that mean in Revelation 20 verse 6?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. “That we would live and reign with Christ for a thousand years after being beheaded for our witness to Jesus?”

Daniel paused for a moment, trying to gather his thoughts. “It’s a difficult passage to interpret,” he finally said. “But I believe it’s talking about the future reign of Christ on earth, after He comes back to establish His kingdom.”

Sarah furrowed her brow. “But what does that have to do with being beheaded?”

Daniel took a deep breath. “Well, it’s possible that those who are beheaded for their faith during the war will be resurrected and reign with Christ during His thousand-year reign on earth.”

Sarah looked at him skeptically. “But how would we come back to life after being beheaded?”

Daniel shook his head. “I don’t know, Sarah. But if it’s in scripture, it must be true.”

Seal 4: A Quarter of the Earth Will Die

As the morning sun streamed through the windows of Emily’s house, Rachel, Emily, John, and James gathered around the kitchen table. Rachel poured coffee for everyone and they began discussing the events of the night before.

Emily: “I’m still in shock that we all ran into each other last night.”

John: “Yeah, it was a strange coincidence. But I’m glad we did. We need to talk about what’s been going on.”

James: “Definitely. Have any of you noticed how few people there are in public these days? It’s like a ghost town out there.”

Rachel: “I’ve noticed it too. It’s been getting worse for the past three years or so.”

John: “I was actually reading about this in Revelation chapter 6. The fourth seal talks about how one quarter of the earth will die from disease, war, hunger, and beasts of the earth.”

Emily: “Do you think some of that has something to do with the vaccine?”

John: “I think it could be partially to blame. We don’t know what the long-term effects of the vaccine could be, and it’s possible that they’re worse than we thought.”

James: “But do you think they would hide something like that from us?”

Rachel: “I wouldn’t be surprised. They’ve been lying to us about so many things already.”

John: “And it’s not just the vaccine. Inflation has been skyrocketing, and that’s going to lead to hunger and starvation for many people. I’m sure it already has.”

Emily: “It’s all so overwhelming. I just can’t believe this is happening.”

Rachel turned to John and asked him, “What do you think the scripture means when it says ‘die by the beasts of the earth?’ And how many people do you think will die in America if this really is the fourth seal?”

John paused for a moment, thinking about the question before responding, “Well, I believe the beasts of the earth mentioned in Revelation could refer to animals that become more aggressive and dangerous as a result of the destruction and chaos caused by the wars and natural disasters. As for how many people could die in America, it’s hard to say for sure. But back in early 2020 when COVID first started, I remember seeing a prediction by Deagle, the world population predictor, that there would only be 100 million people left on earth in 2025. That would mean one-third of the United States would be killed.”

James chimed in, “But we don’t even know for sure if the fourth seal has been opened, do we?”

“No, we don’t,” John replied.

Emily interjected, “Well, not to change the subject, but my electronics still work seeing as we were were still in Seattle when the EMP attack happened here. But I don’t know how long they’ll last.”

Emily took a deep breath. “I’m planning on doing a video for YouTube today. I was thinking that we could film some of the devastation here in Illinois. I want to show the rest of the country how bad things are, and warn them about what could be coming if we really are heading into the fourth seal.”

James looked at her skeptically. “Do you really think that’s a good idea? I mean, we don’t want to attract too much attention to ourselves.”

Emily shook her head. “I don’t care. I think people need to know the truth. And besides, we’re not doing anything illegal.”

John nodded in agreement. “I think it’s a good idea. We need to do what we can to get the truth out there. That’s the biggest reason that we came here.”

Rachel chimed in, “But what if the government shuts down YouTube or takes down the video?”

Emily shrugged. “Then we’ll find another way to get the message out. We can’t just sit back and do nothing.”

James sighed, “I suppose you’re right. I just worry about the potential consequences. We still don’t know what’s going on with Michael.”

Emily turned to James, “I appreciate your concern, James, but we can’t let fear stop us from doing what we’re called to do.”

John grabbed his camera bag. “Alright, let’s get going. We have a lot of work to do.”

Michael was left in his solitary cell, with nothing but his thoughts and his relationship with God to keep him company. The days passed by slowly, and he was only allowed out of the cell for one hour each week. He tried to spend his time wisely during that hour, doing push-ups, sit-ups, and running laps around a small, dirty room. But he still felt like he was slowly losing his mind.

Without any contact with the outside world, Michael had no idea what was going on in the rest of the country, or the world. He wondered if the war in America was progressing, or if the U.S. military had stepped in to try to stop it. He thought about his family and friends, and whether or not they were safe.

To make matters worse, Michael wasn’t allowed to have a Bible, and he felt like he might slowly lose touch with his faith and all the things he knew. He tried to remember the verses that he had memorized, but it was getting harder and harder to keep them straight in his head.

As the days slowly turned into weeks, Michael became more demoralized. He started to believe that he would never get out of Chinese custody, and that he would be stuck in that small cell for the rest of his life – or worse. He wondered if his government had abandoned him, or if they even knew or cared where he was. All he could do was pray and hope for a miracle.

Just then, his jail cell door swung open and he was ushered into yet another Chinese interrogation room.

As Michael was led into the room, he immediately noticed the presence of a new interrogator sitting across from Zhang Wei. The man’s appearance suggested he held a high rank in the Russian government, but Michael didn’t recognize him. The Russian official began the interrogation by introducing himself as Sergei Ivanov, head of the Federal Security Service.

“Mr. Hopkins, we know you think you have information about Vladimir Putin and his true intentions,” Ivanov said sternly through his heavy Russian accent, his eyes locked onto Michael’s. “We also know that you have been spreading dangerous ideas about him being the first beast of Revelation 13. This kind of talk is a threat to the stability of our governments.”

Zhang Wei sat back in his chair and observed the interaction, occasionally interjecting with his own questions. Michael felt the weight of their gaze and knew that this was going to be a much more intense interrogation than his previous sessions with Zhang.

“I have spoken the truth about Putin and his role in the end times,” Michael replied calmly. “The way I see it, the Bible is clear on this matter.”

Ivanov leaned forward, his voice becoming more forceful. “The Bible is a book of superstitions and myths. We are interested in the real world and the security of our nations. Now tell us, what do you know about Putin’s plans for the future?”

Michael remained silent for a moment, refusing to betray his beliefs or compromise his principles. He knew that this could be his last chance to stand firm in the face of persecution and intimidation.

Finally, Michael spoke up, “Let me tell you exactly what I think about Putin and his plan to conquer the earth, as laid out in Revelation chapter 13.”

Michael proceeded to describe in detail the events of Revelation chapter 13, explaining how the first beast, identified as the Antichrist, would rise to power and control the world through spiritual, political, economic, and military means. He spoke about how the Antichrist would have a powerful ally, the second beast, who would deceive the people of the world with miracles and wonders and force them to worship the image of the first beast. 

He also described how Putin’s rise to a worldwide reign in a one-world government would be due to how he would soon be exposing all of the evils of the world’s corrupt governments.

“Putin is the perfect candidate for the role of the first beast,” Michael continued. “He has political power and will soon have the influence to be worshipped by the vast majority of the world. He has the military might to enforce his will, and the economic resources to bring the world under his control. And with his alliance with China, he has a powerful ally to help him achieve his goals.”

Michael went on to describe in detail how he believed Putin would use his power and influence to bring the world to its knees before him. He spoke about how Putin would manipulate the economies of nations to create a global economic system that would benefit Russia and China, how he would use military force to conquer and subjugate other nations, and how he would use technology and propaganda to control the hearts and minds of the people.

As Michael spoke, Ivanov listened intently, occasionally asking questions and seeking clarification. When Michael finished speaking, there was a moment of silence in the room. Finally, Zhang Wei spoke up. “I must admit, your knowledge of the Bible and your understanding of world events is impressive, Michael. But do you really believe that Putin is the Antichrist?”

Michael looked at Zhang Wei squarely in the eyes. “I do. And I believe that what is happening now is just the beginning of what is to come.”

Zhang and Sergei exited the room, leaving Michael sitting alone with his thoughts. The two men spoke in hushed tones just outside the door, clearly discussing what they were going to do with him. Michael strained his ears, trying to make out what they were saying, but their voices were too low.

After a few minutes, the door opened again and the two men returned to the room. Zhang took a seat across from Michael while Sergei stood behind him, arms crossed.

“Michael, you are a problem for us,” Zhang said bluntly. “We know what you are saying is true. We know Putin’s plans, and we know how he plans to achieve them. But what are we going to do with you?”

Sergei chimed in, “We have three options. We can kill you, keep you as a prisoner, or set you free. Each option has its own set of risks.”

Michael swallowed hard, his heart pounding in his chest. He had known that this was a possibility, but hearing the words spoken aloud made it all too real.

Zhang leaned forward, his piercing gaze fixed on Michael. “If we let you go, you will surely continue to tell the world what you know. That could lead to chaos and upheaval. But if we kill you right now, that will only fuel speculation and rumors that we’re not ready for yet. And if we keep you as a prisoner, we run the risk of you being freed by your government or some other group.”

Sergei spoke up again, “But we cannot deny that you have been cooperative and truthful with us. Perhaps we can use you to our advantage.”

Zhang nodded, “Yes, perhaps we can. Michael, we need you to understand that we do not want to harm you. But we also cannot allow you to jeopardize our plans. So, we are going to keep you here for now. But we will also use you to our advantage. We need you to work with us, to help us achieve our goals. If you do that, you will be treated well. If you do not, then we will have no choice but to take more drastic measures.”

Michael sat silently for a moment, contemplating what he had just been told. He knew that he couldn’t cooperate with their plans, as it went against everything he believed in. His faith in God would not allow him to help people who were working for Putin.

“Sir, I appreciate your offer,” Michael began, his voice shaking slightly. “But I cannot help you. I cannot go against my beliefs and assist in such an evil and deceptive plan.”

Sergei leaned forward, his eyes narrowing as he spoke. “You do understand the seriousness of this situation, Michael? If you do not cooperate with us, we may be forced to take more drastic measures.”

Michael swallowed hard, his heart racing with fear. He knew that these people were capable of doing unspeakable things, and he didn’t want to think about what might happen if he refused to comply with their demands.

“I understand the risks,” Michael replied, his voice barely above a whisper. “But I cannot go against my beliefs. My faith in God is stronger than anything you can do to me.”

Zhang sighed, shaking his head. “Very well, Michael. We will keep you here for now. But we will be back to talk again, and we expect you to have reconsidered our offer. If you have not, then we will have no other choice.”

With that, the two men rose from their seats and left the room, the door slamming shut behind them. Minutes later, two armed Chinese soldiers ushered him back to his confined quarters. Michael was once again alone, trapped in his cell with dozens of thoughts running through his mind every moment.

As the war continued to escalate, Sarah and Daniel tried to carry on with their daily lives in Ocala. But as the days went by, they began to see signs that the war had come closer to home. They heard rumors of Russian and Chinese troops moving into Florida, and had recently seen a few military vehicles driving through their own town.

One afternoon, as they were walking to the grocery store, they saw a convoy of Russian and Chinese tanks and soldiers heading into Ocala. Panic set in as they realized that their town could now be a target in the war. They quickly ran back to their home and locked the doors, unsure of what to do next.

As they huddled in their living room, listening to the sound of tanks rolling down the street, they heard a frenzied knock on the door. Sarah’s heart raced as she cautiously approached the door and peeked through the peephole. It was their neighbor, Mrs. Swindack, who was standing on their porch with tears in her eyes.

“Sarah, Daniel, you need to leave. The Russians are going to be rounding up all the Americans and taking us to internment camps,” Mrs. Swindack whispered urgently.

Sarah and Daniel were horrified. They had heard rumors of internment camps, but they never imagined it would happen to them. They quickly gathered their most important belongings and headed out the back door, following Mrs. Swindack through the woods behind her house.

“You two continue on. I’m too old to run,” Mrs. Swindack reluctantly admitted. “I’ll be fine. I can fend for myself.”

As Sarah and Daniel ran through the woods, trying to escape the invading troops, they heard the sound of gunfire in the distance. They knew that they had to keep moving if they wanted to survive. But just as they thought they had made it to safety, they heard a loud explosion and the ground beneath them shook violently.

They stumbled and fell, landing hard on the forest floor. Sarah looked up and saw that the trees around them were shaking, and bits of debris were falling from the canopy.

“Daniel, are you okay?” she asked, helping him to his feet.

“I think so,” he replied, looking around warily.

Sarah took a deep breath and looked around. They were in a small clearing, surrounded by dense forest on all sides. The explosion had come from the direction they had been heading in, and Sarah knew that they were going to have to change course if they wanted to stay out of the internment camps.

“We have to go in a different direction,” she said, grabbing Daniel’s hand and leading him towards the east. “We can’t go towards that explosion.”

They ran through the forest, dodging trees and leaping over fallen branches. Sarah’s heart was still pounding, but she was starting to feel more focused. She knew that they had to keep moving.

As they ran, they saw more and more evidence of the invading troops. They saw tanks rumbling down dirt roads, and helicopters circling overhead. They heard the sound of gunfire in the distance, and the occasional explosion.

Eventually, they came to a small creek, and Sarah had to stop and rest. She collapsed on the bank, her chest heaving with exertion.

“We have to keep moving,” Daniel said, sitting down next to her.

“I know,” Sarah replied, taking deep breaths. “But I need to rest for a few minutes. I can’t keep going if I’m too tired to run.”

Daniel nodded, and they sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to the sound of the creek rushing past them. Sarah tried to calm her breathing, and felt her heart rate slowing down.

Just then, Sarah heard the sound of footsteps coming from the direction they had just run from. She looked at Daniel, and they both knew that they had to move.

They jumped up and started running again, their legs burning with exhaustion. Sarah’s heart was pounding again, and she could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer. They had to find a place to hide, and fast.

As they ran, they spotted a small cave in the side of a hill. Sarah led the way, scrambling up the hill and into the cave. Daniel followed close behind, and they both collapsed on the floor, panting for breath.

They huddled together in the cave, waiting for the troops to pass by. Sarah’s mind was racing, trying to come up with a plan for what they would do if they were found.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the footsteps faded away, and they knew that they were safe for the moment. But they also knew that they couldn’t stay in the cave forever. They needed a better plan.

They sat in the cave for several minutes, catching their breath and listening for any signs of danger. The silence was deafening.

“We need to keep moving,” she said, looking over at Daniel. “We can’t just stay here and wait for them to find us again.”

Daniel nodded in agreement, but he looked just as terrified as she felt. “But where do we go?” he asked. “We don’t even know what’s happening out there. We don’t even know if there’s anyone left to help us.”

Sarah took a deep breath, trying to think clearly despite the fear and uncertainty. “We need to find other people who have escaped,” she said. “We need to find out what’s happening and see if there’s any way we can stay out of the camps.”

Daniel looked skeptical. “But how do we even do that?” he asked. “We don’t have any weapons or supplies. We don’t even know where to start looking.”

Sarah frowned, realizing that he was right. They were not prepared for this kind of situation. But she also knew that they didn’t have any other choice.

“We’ll have to improvise,” she said, standing up and dusting off her pants. “We’ll have to scavenge for supplies and see if we can find anyone else who hasn’t been captured or killed.”

Daniel hesitated for a moment, then he stood up next to her. “Okay,” he said, sounding more determined. “Let’s see what we can do.”

They left the cave and cautiously made their way through the forest, trying to stay hidden from any potential threats. They came across a few abandoned homes and cars along the way, but they found no signs of other survivers.

As they walked, Sarah couldn’t help but think about what had happened to the country she had once known. How had it come to this? How had Putin managed to invade the United States and take over so quickly and easily?

She pushed those thoughts aside, knowing that dwelling on them wouldn’t help her survive the moment. She needed to focus on the present and find a way to stay out of the custody of the enemy.

As they approached the outskirts of town, they heard the sound of a helicopter in the distance. They immediately ducked behind a nearby building and watched as a military helicopter flew overhead, heading in the direction of the city center.

Sarah felt a flicker of hope at the sight. Maybe it was the U.S. military arriving to fight back, to retake their home from the invading forces.

But then she remembered the devastation they had seen so far, the burning buildings and the dead bodies. She looked over at Daniel, who was watching the helicopter with a mix of fear and determination. They locked eyes for a moment, silently sharing their mutual uncertainty and resolve.

“We’ll find a way,” Sarah said firmly. “We’ll survive this for as long as we can. We have to.”

As Emily and John packed up their camera gear, they discussed the logistics of filming in the war-torn areas of Illinois. They knew it would be dangerous, but they also knew that they had a responsibility to document the devastation.

Once they arrived at their location, Emily and John set up their cameras and began recording. Rachel and James joined them, giving their own accounts of the initial invasion and the subsequent chaos that had engulfed the region.

“We were all just so scared when we realized we had just been through an EMP attack,” Rachel said, her voice shaking slightly. “We didn’t know what was happening, or why it was happening. And when the Chinese troops showed up and took our friend Michael, it was like everything just got even worse.”

James nodded in agreement. “We haven’t seen him since. We don’t even know if he’s alive.”

Emily panned the camera around to show the destruction that surrounded them. Buildings were burned out shells, streets were littered with debris, and there were very few signs of life.

“This is what war looks like,” John said, his voice low and serious. “This is the reality of the situation that our country is facing. And it’s not just happening here in Illinois. It’s happening all across America and the rest of the world.”

Emily stepped forward, her face solemn. “We’re not here to sugarcoat anything,” she said, looking directly into the camera. “We want to show you what’s really happening, and how it’s affecting the people of this country. It’s not just about the destruction and devastation, it’s about the lives that are being impacted, the families torn apart, the futures uncertain. People just don’t know what’s happening or why. But by the end of this video we hope to give you a far better understanding.”

“You’re right, Emily,” John said. “It’s not just the physical damage, it’s the emotional toll as well,” he said, his voice rough with emotion. “We’ve seen families ripped apart, children left orphaned, and all because of this war. We want to hear your stories too,” he said, addressing the viewers directly. “We want to hear how this war is affecting you, your family, your community.”

John took a deep breath and gathered himself to continue. “I want to take a moment to talk about something that’s been on my mind,” he began. “Something that we’ve all been wondering about. What is Putin’s endgame in all of this?”

Rachel and James leaned in, curious to hear what John had to say.

“We’ve seen the destruction that his troops have caused,” John continued. “But we all know that there’s more to this than just wanting to take over our country. Putin has never been one to act without a plan.”

Emily nodded in agreement, “Exactly. We know that Putin has been building up his military for years with weapons we’ve known nothing about. He’s been expanding his sphere of influence throughout the world. So, what’s his ultimate goal in all of this?”

John took a deep breath and began to explain, “We believe that Putin’s goal is to destabilize the United States. He wants to weaken our country and divide us from within. And the war he’s waging is just the beginning.”

Rachel and James looked at each other, then listened intently.

John continued, “Think about it. The longer this war goes on, the more damage it does to our country, and ultimately the world… the more people are killed, the more homes are destroyed, the more our infrastructure is damaged… it’s a recipe for chaos.”

“And Putin knows this,” Emily added. “He wants to make the United States so weak that we can’t defend ourselves or any other country against his next move.”

James shook his head, “But what is his next move?”

John continued, “We can only speculate at this point, but it’s clear that Putin has his sights set on worldwide dominance. We believe he is the first beast of Revelation chapter 13. And if he can weaken the United States enough, he’ll be in a prime position to achieve his ultimate goal.”

John looked straight into the camera and continued, “Let me make this clear – Putin’s ultimate goal is not just to win wars and gain power. He wants to expose the corruption and greed of other world leaders to their own people. He wants to be seen as a savior, a messiah even, who brought about a new era of transparency and accountability. He believes that the only way to do that is through war and the sacrifice of many lives. And unfortunately, his plans seem to be working.”

Emily chimed in, “It’s important to understand that Putin’s actions are not just about the United States. This is a worldwide conflict, and the stakes are higher than we could have ever imagined.”

Rachel and James nodded in agreement, adding their own thoughts on the matter. As they spoke, the devastation of the war continued to ring out in the background, the destruction and suffering a haunting reminder of the gravity of the situation.

“We know how this will all end,” John then said, his voice heavy with emotion. “The seven seals of Revelation tell us exactly. And we know that we need to keep telling the truth, keep shining a light on the atrocities being committed, and keep witnessing for Jesus through it all. If we do that, there is a thousand year reward waiting for us, according to what was prophesied in Revelation 20 verses 4, 5, and 6.”

John’s hands trembled slightly as he opened the worn Bible in front of him. He took a deep breath and began to read aloud the verses he had just quoted, his voice cracking with emotion.

“Then I saw thrones, and seated on them were those to whom the authority to judge was committed. Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him for a thousand years.”

John looked up from the Bible, tears streaming down his face. Emily reached out and squeezed John’s shoulder, her own eyes brimming with tears. “We now know what the future holds,” she said softly, “And we know that we need to stay strong, stay true to our beliefs, and keep fighting until it comes time for us to submit and be executed for our witness to Jesus. The line has been drawn in the sand, and it’s either serve the beast, or serve Christ. There’s no in between.”

Rachel and James nodded in agreement, their faces solemn. “We may not be able to stop the wars or bring back the ones we’ve lost,” Rachel said, “but we can honor their memory by continuing to fight for building the Kingdom of God in what seems like the worst time in human history.”

The four of them sat in silence for a few moments as the camera continued to roll, the only sound the distant rumble of gunfire. But even in the midst of the chaos and destruction around them, they felt a glimmer of hope. A hope that one day, in the thousand year reign with Christ on earth, the world would be a better place, and that the sacrifices they were making for Him would not be in vain.

At this point, they ended filming and headed back to Rachel’s house. Emily was excited to start editing the video, thinking it turned out even better than she had hoped. But halfway through the editing process, she realized there was a major problem. There was no way to publish the video to YouTube because all of the cell towers and lines had been rendered useless since the EMP attack. The internet was down, and there was no way to upload the video for anyone to see.

Emily couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of this before. She had been so focused on getting the message out there that she had forgotten that there was no internet there. John tried to reassure her that it was alright and that they could figure something out, but Emily was inconsolable. No one was going to see this incredibly important report.

As the group discussed their options, they heard a knock at the door. Rachel hesitantly opened it to find a stranger standing on her doorstep. The man was tall and muscular, with a thick beard and wild hair. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days, but his eyes were clear and sharp.

“My name is Chris,” he said, his voice urgent. “I need your help.”

Rachel hesitated, but John stepped forward. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“It’s my wife,” the man said, desperation creeping into his voice. “She’s trapped in our house, and I can’t get her out. The looters have taken over the streets, and I’m afraid to leave her alone for too long. I need someone to go with me to get her.”

John looked at the man for a moment, sizing him up. He seemed genuine, but it was hard to know who to trust in a time like this.

Finally, he turned to the others. “I’ll go with him,” he said. “You guys stay here and keep working on the video. Maybe we can find a way to get it out to people.”

Emily nodded, grateful for something to do.

As John and the stranger left, Emily turned to Rachel. “Do you think he’ll be okay?” she asked.

Rachel shrugged. “I don’t know.”

The night was beginning to set in.

John and Chris quickly made their way through the dark and dangerous streets, the only light coming from the occasional flicker of flames in the distance. As they approached Chris’s house, they see that it’s surrounded by looters, armed and dangerous.

With a plan in mind, they sneak around the back of the house, avoiding the attention of the looters. As they enter the house, they can hear Chris’s wife screaming for help. Chris rushes to the second floor, where several of the looters have barricaded themselves in the bedroom with his wife.

As Chris tries to break down the door, John stays downstairs to keep an eye out for any more looters trying to get in. Suddenly, there’s a loud crash, and John knows that Chris has broken through the door.

John rushes up the stairs. 

But before they can get to Chris’s wife, everyone hears the sound of military boots on the streets. The Chinese military had finally made their way to this part of town. John and Chris quickly gather up Chris’s wife and make a run for it while the looters who had entered their bedroom rush down the stairs and out of the house, hoping to escape the incoming military.

John, Chris, and his wife don’t get far before they’re caught by the military. There’s a long discussion about who they are, and John and Chris try their best to explain.

But it didn’t matter. The Chinese military took both John and Chris into custody, forcing them into a military vehicle and driving them to a heavily guarded facility. They take Chris’s wife in a separate vehicle.

Upon arriving at the facility, John and Chris are thrown into separate solitary cells, not knowing what fate awaits them. Little do they know, Rachel and James’ friend Michael is also being held in the same facility, just a few cells away from them.

As Sarah and Daniel stood there, hiding behind a building and trying to figure out their next move, a tall, lanky man ran past them. He looked back and yelled out, “Follow me! Hurry!” before disappearing around the corner.

Without hesitation, Sarah and Daniel took off after him, struggling to keep up with his pace. As they ran through the war-torn streets, dodging debris and avoiding armed looters, Sarah wondered who this man was and where he was leading them.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they arrived at a secluded farm on the outskirts of the city. The man, whose name they later learned was Adam, lived alone with his dog and had stocked up on food and supplies.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” Adam said, smiling as he showed them around the farm. “It’s not much, but it’s safe.

Adam quickly got to work making them some tea and handed them each a cup.

“Thank you for bringing us here,” Sarah said gratefully.

“No problem. I was out foraging for supplies when the troops rolled in, and started running for home and saw you two wandering around. It looked like you could use a safe place to stay,” Adam replied.

Daniel spoke up, “It’s been a nightmare out there.”

“I know,” Adam said with a sigh. “I’ve been living out here alone for a while now. At least for the moment we’re away from all the chaos.”

Rachel added, “It’s good to have someone to watch your back.”

Adam nodded. “I understand. We all need to stick together to survive now.”

They sipped their tea in silence for a moment before Sarah spoke up again. “Do you have any extra food? We haven’t had much to eat lately.”

“Of course,” Adam replied. “I have plenty of supplies here. You’re welcome to stay as long as you need. Let me make you something to eat.”

Daniel looked at Sarah, relieved. “Thank you so much. We really appreciate it.”

Adam smiled. “No problem. It’s the least I can do.”

As they sat at the kitchen table, Adam began to open up about his own personal tragedy, and why he was living alone at the farm.

“I lost my wife two years ago,” he said, his voice heavy with emotion. “She received the COVID shot, and shortly after, she developed a clot in her brain. She died suddenly at 42.”

Sarah and Daniel listened intently as Adam continued to explain how he and his wife had very different opinions on getting the COVID vaccine. “We argued about it constantly,” he said. “But after she got it, she was constantly sick and realized that my opinion about the vaccine was probably correct. She never should have gotten it.”

Adam’s voice wavered as he recounted how his wife died suddenly from an unexplained blood clot only eight months after receiving the shot. “I call it the clot shot,” he said bitterly, his anger palpable.

Sarah was visibly shaken by Adam’s story. She spoke up, her voice barely above a whisper. “My father died from an unexpected heart attack after receiving the vaccine,” she said. “My parents were trying for months to pressure me into getting it, but I refused because I knew it was bad news.”

Daniel nodded in agreement, his eyes filled with sadness. “It seems like we’ve all been touched by this vaccine in some way,” he said. “But what can we do about it now?”

He sighed and looked out the window, where the sound of gunfire could still be heard in the distance. “It’s like Putin’s war has overcome everything. The tragedy of how many people died from the COVID shot is a distant memory.”

The three of them sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts.

Chapter 5: Exposing Putin’s Agenda To Conquer the Earth